Class Officers and Favorites

Senior Election Results 2013-2014

President: Ashton Martin

Vice President: Mara Stuart

Treasurer: Katie Chapman

Secretary: Alexis Holley

Reporter: Rachel Carlile

Historian: Brooke Sandig

All-School Favorites: Mara Stuart and Ashton Keeton

Smartest: Ashton Keeton and Ashton Martin

Most School Spirit: Peyton Hamilton and Shelbie Vaught

Friendliest: Branson Watkins and Katie Chapman

Best Smile: Ian Nelson and Tanna Harmon

Most Athletic: Antwan Moore and Halee Elledge

Class Clowns: Austen Webb and Micheala Wilson

Most Stylish: Wade Sadler and Kanyon Hisaw

Most Gullible: Devin Atteberry and Josie Morris

Most Likely To Succeed: Dustin Gibbs and Mara Stuart

Class Colors / Flower: Red & Silver / Lily/Tiger Lily

Class Motto: “May the dreams you dream be the future you find.” - Unknown

Class Song: “The Only Way I Know” – Jason Aldean



President: Faythe Snapp        

Vice President: Elizabeth Garcia

Treasurer: Chaydee Lawless

Secretary: Brooklyn Bain

Historian: Justin Smith

Smartest: Faythe Snapp and Zack Wilson

Most School Spirit: Corey Guest and Justin Smith

Friendliest: Brooklyn Bain and James Cowell

Most Athletic: Baylee Wooten and Kaleb Clardy

Most Stylish: Brook Johnston and Tamarick Hankins



President: Jarrin McKinney

Vice President: Lizzy Mussett

Secretary: Jordan Storey

Treasurer: Keji Moua

Reporter: Jaden Smith

Historian: Jerry Meek

Smartest: Jarrin McKinney and Lizzy Mussett

Most School Spirit: JaVonte Alexander and Kerrigan Matlock

Friendliest: Christian McGrath and Kasey Worthington

Most Athletic: Kamden Waller and Sindy Shamburger

Most Stylish: Timmy Tucker and Chasity Conterez



President: Jaiden Jordan

Vice President: Brandon Wall

Treasurer: Madison Christopher

Secretary: Maggi Smith

Reporter: Alex Huffman

Historian: Trever McCane

Smartest: Brady James and Brooke Trusty

Most School Spirit: Austin Carrell and Hannah Nance

Friendliest: Tyler Cockerham and Cassidy Stone

Most Athletic: Dillon Wyatt and Mariah Gordan

Most Stylish: Trever McCane and Jaiden Jordan