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Welcome to Valliant Public Schools

604 East Lucas

Valliant, OK 74764

Superintendents Office (580) 933-7232

Elementary Office (580) 933-7248

Middle School Office (580) 933-4253

High School Office (580) 933-7292


Valliant Public Schools will empower students to be socially acceptable, productive citizens in a global changing society.

Our SchoolMessenger Parent Notification System has began calling for Attendance and Lunch Balance purposes.   The system will pull the attendance information on your child at a specified time.  If your child is not at school at that time, you should receive a call from the School Messenger system to notify you at the number you provided as a Home Phone number.  Additionally, on Monday’s the system will call to notify you if your child owes $5 or more for their breakfast/lunch.

If you need to update any information for your child, please contact the Office at their school site.  If you have questions about Cafeteria balances, please contact Chestina in the Cafeteria.

High School               580-933-7292

Middle School            580-933-4253

Elementary School     580-933-7248

Cafeteria                     580-933-7140


Craig Wall, Supt.

Valliant Public Schools

604 E. Lucas,

Valliant, OK  74764

(580) 933-7232